CPM 2021

32nd Annual Symposium on Combinatorial Pattern Matching

Wrocław, Poland, July 5–7, 2021


Papers and proceedings

Local information





Polish currency is called złoty, abbreviated PLN. 1 PLN is approximately 0.22 EUR or 0.27 USD. There are multiple currency exchanges offices near the Market Square and at the airport. ATMs are widely available, some of them, including the ones at the airport, might charge you a small additional fee that is clearly shown in the very beginning. Credit cards (Visa and Mastercard) are widely accepted, even in small shops. There is no need to carry cash (except for maybe tipping in restaurants).


230 V, 50 Hz with either Schuko or Europlug.

Tap water

Should be safe to drink, but you can confirm that at your hotel.


There are no strict rules concerning tipping, but 10% is considered appropriate in a restaurant. There is no need to tip in a café/bar.


The streets of Wrocław are very safe. You should however exercise standard caution, as you would do in any large city especially around the very crowded area near the Market Square. In the case of an emergency, dial the all-purpose emergency number 112.


Most young people speak English to some degree. All shops/restaurants in the city center should have someone with decent English (or German, as there are many tourists from Germany).


If you are staying in the city center then everything is within a walking distance. Public transportation is reasonably well developed, and we recommend using the trams to get around. You can buy the ticket on board from a vending machine (it is 3,40 PLN for a single trip). Keep in mind that you need a contactless card and the machine doesn't print anything, it just sends the information that you have bought the ticket to a central database.


We recommend booking your taxi online (through your favourite app) or through your hotel, as to avoid any misunderstandings. That being said, all taxis waiting at the airport need a special license and should be OK.